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Brian Rudy, Composer, Producer

Brian Rudy is a critically acclaimed composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and leader of the band Brian Rudy + The Architects. He has composed, produced and recorded two albums of original music, toured internationally, produced other artists, and scored music for several independent Canadian films. Some music awards include:

  • UNISONG International Songwriting Competition, finalist
  • Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Song Writing Competition, finalist


"Rudy is a songwriter with a rare and wonderful gift."  [Gary Rusak, Exclaim, Canada's Music Authority]


Divided Man

Brian Rudy + The Architects debut album. An intricate but highly listenable collection of pop/folk/rock songs, linked together in to a unified concept about the struggles of the creative process.

"Divided Man is utter genius, give it a listen, a brilliant expose of Rudy's writing talent and his exceptional vocal projection."  [Walt Grelis, RPM]


The sophomore album by Brian Rudy + The Architects, similar in spirit and flow but slightly edgier than Divided Man, with a focus on human intersection with history and environment.

"Museum is an exceptional piece of musicianship with relevant lyrics and engaging instrumentation. Well worth the wait."  [Lindsey Blest, Rambles]


Videos from Museum