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Divided Man

by Brian Rudy + The Architects


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Divided Man Credits:

Vocals - Brian Rudy, Lori Cullen, Cate Friesen, Ken Stevens, Linda Montgomery

Acoustic Guitars - Brian Rudy, Brent Klassen

Electric Guitars - Brent Klassen, Brian Rudy

Bass - Tom Daniels

Piano - Kevin Ranney

Drums - Gavin Brown, Dave Clark

Percussion - Christopher Luce, Brent Klassen

Double Bass - Richard Powrie

Violins - Sheila Gruner, Tim Burgen

Cellos - Catherine Thompson

Mandolin, Pot Lid - Brian Rudy


Music and Lyrics by Brian Rudy

Arrangements by Brian Rudy, Brent Klassen, Kevin Ranney, Tom Daniels, Gavin Brown, Ken Stevens, Dave Clark

Produced by Brian Rudy, except “Angel” and "The Market Place" Produced Richard Powrie and Brian Rudy

Recorded and Engineered by Ormond Jobin, Chris Stringer, Jeff Elliott, Dave Wilson, Vaughn Passmore and Brian Rudy

Recorded at Reaction Studios, BylawShmylaw Studios, Wilson Productions and Invisible Sound

Mixed by Ormond Jobin at Reaction Studios

Mastered by Jeff Elliot at Reaction Studios

Design and Layout by Brian Rudy

Painting by Laurie Buhr